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Website Design for Aberystwyth Beekeepers

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Pixelwave Web Design has just released a new website for the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association. As a member of the association myself I have been producing their newsletter for the past couple of years and have also been keen for them to have a website. When the committee decided that a website would indeed be a useful tool they naturally approached me to design and build it for them. I also worked on the the information architecture and content of the website too.

Based on the design and layout that I use for the newsletter, the site soon took shape and is now live for all to see. As well as providing information about the association and how to join and contact the Aberystwyth Beekeepers it will act as an information hub for existing members. The site contains an events calendar, latest news system and the ability for ABKA committee members to keep the site up to date through and easy to use Content Management System.

Aberystwyth Beekeepers Website

Aberystwyth Beekeepers Website

Ramblers Website Design Goes Live

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

I’m pleased to announce that the Aberystwyth Ramblers’ website that I’ve been working on has now gone live.

The website introduces the group, tells you how to contact them and acts as an information hub for its members. Complete with latest news system and an events calendar their new website should allow them to keep in contact and up to date with ease. Based on an easy to use Content Management System, members of the Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Committee are able to update the site as and when they wish.

So far feedback on the website from the committee and the members has been highly positive. I quite like it myself too!


Website Design for Aberystwyth Ramblers

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Pixelwave Web Design is pleased to have started work on a brand new website for the Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Association.

The proposed website is intended as both a promotional tool for the Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group and as an information point for members of the group. It will be used to encourage new members to join the group and will assist with the sharing of information for existing members.

As well as describing the Aberystwyth Ramblers Group and its activities, the website will provide visitors with descriptions of the various activities on offer. It will provide group members with information relating to meetings and events and will allow for easy sharing of local walks and access maps. The intention will be to inform and stimulate interest in the Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group and to encourage new membership as well as providing existing members with a useful ‘information hub’. The website will contain a latest news section which will be updated by Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group on a regular basis. A contact form and contact details will also be presented.

Due to the fact that the website will be updated regularly it will be based around a Content Management System (CMS). This will enable Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group committee members to update the website as well as Pixelwave Web Design.

The site is now well underway and so far I’m delighted with it. I only hope the Ramblers themselves are too.

Aberystwyth Ramblers Website Design

Aberystwyth Ramblers Website Design

Website Design for Greetings Cards Company

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

I’ve recently started work on a new website for a wholesale greetings cards company based here in West Wales and in the Midlands.

The Crystal Devas is a family based business that design and supply inspirational greetings cards on a wholesale basis.

As a brand new company Crystal Devas are starting from scratch with the branding and online presence and recently approached me asking me to build them a website. The site is being based around a Content Management System so that the Crystal Devas will be able to add new products and product ranges as and when they develop them. The website will showcase their range of greetings cards and  introduce the business, its values and its staff. In the future there may be an option to buy online as well.

The site is well underway and my clients seem excited about it. They have seen the basic layout and spent some time here with me tweaking a few aspects of it and getting colours etc. exactly the way they wanted them. I’m now working on populating the site with the initial content before handing the reigns over to them. I will of course provide them with some hands-on practical tuition in the use of the Content Management System and ongoing support too.

Here’s a Sneak Preview.

Website Design for Crystal Devas

Website Design for Crystal Devas


Website Design for Sawmill in Aberystwyth – Released

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

That didn’t take too long. The website that I recently started work on for the Ystwyth Valley Sawmill is now live at

I’m really pleased with the results too and so is my client.

Valley Sawmill Website Design

Valley Sawmill Website Design

Partying with Clients

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

One of my website design clients have just gone through a bit of a makeover and re-branding exercise, changing their name from Advice Machynlleth to Advice Mid Wales. As you can imagine the impetus behind this exercise is to reflect their growing geographic coverage and the fact that they provide advice and help to people all over Mid Wales, not just within Machynlleth.

Along with the name change there has been a change of logo and therefore lots of changes to their website. Not only the new logo, but a new colour scheme to tie in with the logo, a few design tweaks here and there and lots of changes t the copy. I’ve completed these updates but they won’t go live until tomorrow when they are having an official launch party.

The nice thing is I’ve been invited along to the launch party as well. It’s not very often I get invited to such things and it’s really nice of them to remember their lowly web developer for such things. I may only be a small cog in their organisation but I’m sure their website is the first port of call for many of their clients so my input probably has more of an effect than most people realise. I’m sure my invite to their launch party isn’t in recognition of this, but it’s a pleasure to be invited all the same and I shall indeed be attending.


Website Design for Sawmill in Aberystwyth

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Pixelwave Web Design has recently started work on a brand new website design for Ystwyth Valley Sawmill, a local, family run business near Aberystwyth.

The proposed website is intended as a promotional tool for the sawmill which supplies products and services to a diverse range of clients throughout the UK. Their clients include the Forestry Commission and C.A.T. (The Centre for Alternative Technology).

The website will provide information on the sawmill and its history. It will outline the products and services they offer and will describe some of the specialist machinery they use to fulfil these. It will also outline their environmental responsibilities as well as providing essential contact details.

I’ve already started work on the design and so far I’m loving it. It’s nice to get my creative juices flowing again. Here’s a sneak preview!

Website Design Preview

Website Design Preview

Website Design for Holiday Accommodation in Wales

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

I’m pleased to announce that Pixelwave Web Design has recently finished work on a brand new website design for a Welsh Holiday Cottage. The website is intended as a promotional tool for the accommodation, a Self Catering Cottage, in Mid Wales.

When I first started work on the website I knew nothing of the cottage or its whereabouts but after my initial meeting with the owner I realised that it was the very cottage that we had stayed in as a family for my graduation ceremony at Aberystwyth University. This was several years ago back in 1997 but it did mean that I knew the cottage well and was fairly well acquainted with its highlights, and the local attractions. I can therefore personally vouch for its peaceful, tranquil surroundings, comfortable accommodation and friendly welcome. . This of course helped me showcase the property and its unique selling points via its new website.

The new website for the cottage has a professional look and feel with a bright, clean interface that will hopefully appeal to a wide range of people. Due to the setting of the cottage a rural colour scheme was used, which drew inspiration from the hills, woodlands and streams that surround it. An organic, soft design with plenty of local recreational and farming imagery was used. Pixelwave Web Design sourced many of these images and a local photographer (who’s website Pixelwave Design also built) was commissioned for the project. The result is a website that is not only pleasing to the eye but also easy to navigate and welcoming.


Website Design Screenshot

Website Design Screenshot

Newsletter Publishing

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

I’ve just finished the Spring edition of the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association Newsletter. It’s a lot of work writing the content, editing it, sourcing content and images and then desktop publishing it all ready for the members but I quite enjoy it and I’m always pleased with the result.

Best of all, the association members seem to appreciate it as well and always comment on how good it looks and how much better it is than other association newsletters. Creating the newsletter for them may not pay the bills to heat the house but I get a nice warm feeling inside when everyone likes it.

ABKA Newsletter

ABKA Newsletter

The Changing Face of Website Design

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Whilst adding an image to a recent news post here I saw a gallery of images uploaded to articles over the past few years. I was struck by the way it looked so took a screenshot of it. These are of course all little snippets of designs I have produced over the years so I was bound to like them, but it made me look back through earlier screenshots too which helped provide me with a little chronology of how my designs have changed over the years. Interesting not only from the point of view of the way my aesthetics tastes have changed but also the way technology has driven the change in website design as well.

So here they are – Not every thumbnail is a screenshot of a website design, some are just elements of a design but most are. The most recent are at the top.

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots

Website Design Screenshots