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English and Welsh Bilingual Translation Website Design

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Pixelwave Web Design is pleased to announce that it has recently started work on the website re-design and modernisation of a site for Pennawd.

Pennawd is a Welsh to English and English to Welsh translation service based in Cardiff. They offer translation services to a wide range of businesses and other clients across Wales. They have developed a robust customer base which includes public bodies, private companies and charities, and covers a wide range of translation and Welsh-language provision.

Their website was basic and dated so they approached Pixelwave Web Design recently to help them bring it up to date and to more closely represent their growing, dynamic business. As part of the project I evaluated their current website and offered various suggestions and proposal that would improve it whilst maintaining aspects of the site that we felt were worth keeping.

I have now started work on the site re-build. The new website will be a bilingual brochure-style website with a bright, modern, appealing design. English and Welsh language versions will be given equal standing whilst ensuring that the website is still easy to navigate and easy to use. The nature of the content dictates little in the way of imagery so the design will be made bright and cheerful but with little in the way of photos or graphics. It is a business site however, aimed at business clients so it will have to have a professional edge to it as well.

Work is well underway on the initial layout, there’s a sneak preview as a teaser below. I’m now awaiting the final copy for each of the pages before finishing off the site and launching it soon.

Website Design Teaser

Website Design Teaser

New Website Design for Welsh Holiday Cottage

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Pixelwave Web Design has recently started work on a brand new website design for a Welsh Holiday Cottage. The proposed website is intended as a promotional tool for the accommodation, a Self Catering Cottage, in Mid Wales.

The website will provide information on the accommodation, highlight the local attractions and the peaceful, tranquil surroundings, provide information on the history of the cottage and the associated farm and will also of course provide contact and booking details. It will showcase the property and its unique selling points.

The nature of the content dictates that the site needs to have a professional look and feel with a bright, clean interface that will appeal to a wide range of people. Due to the setting of the cottage a rural colour scheme will be used, drawing inspiration from the hills, woodlands and streams of the Mid Wales countryside. An organic, soft design with plenty of local recreational and farming imagery will be used. The site will be easy to navigate and welcoming.

Central the website will be a ‘highlights feature’ that will draw attention to the unique selling points of the property of which it has many.

Work on the design is coming along nicely and I hope to have it ready for the clients first look soon. No doubt there will some changes needed after that before it is fully approved and ready to go live. Here’s a sneak preview though can you tell what it is yet?

Website design sneak preview

Website design sneak preview

Website Re-Design for Blue Island Ceramics

Monday, September 24th, 2012

I’m currently working on a website re-design for Blue Island Ceramics.

As part of the re-design I shall be converting the website from a static site into a Content Management System based website. The Content Management System will allow the website owners to to easily, quickly  and free of charge keep the sites content up to date.

The website itself will also have a makeover to make it appeal more to family’s with young children, rather than the more sophisticated, corporate feel that it had before.

The new site should be released soon. Here’s a sneak preview.

Website Re-Design

Website Re-Design

Nick Sanders CMS Website Goes Live

Monday, August 13th, 2012

The new Content Management System (CMS) based website for motorbike adventurer Nick Sanders is now live.

Nick initially approached Pixelwave Web Design with work to update and maintain his old website, which I and successfully been doing for a number of months. However, as the business relationship developed and the website became a more integral part of Nick’s operations it was clear that the existing site was dated, difficult to update and that in the long run it would be more effective for him to have a brand new website based on a Content Management System. This would allow him and his staff to update and add to the website whenever he wished, saving money on ongoing website maintenance.

In addition to the CMS aspects of the new website, it gave us an opportunity to re-design the site to work better on modern web browsers and mobile devices, speed up the site and add some new features including a latest news section and some easy to use video embedding techniques. The website is now also better integrated with Nicks Social Media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Pixelwave Website Design wish him all the best with his motorbike adventures and look forward to working on his next project which is currently in the pipeline.

Nick Sanders CMS Website Design

Nick Sanders CMS Website Design


Forums for Beacons Tourism Website

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Forums may be a little old hat, but sometimes they are just the ticket and that was the case for the Brecon Beacons Tourism Partnership website.

Pixelwave Web Design built the Brecon Beacons Tourism Partnership website several years ago and has continued to update it from time to time. Over the years it has eveolved from a website aimed at tourists, promoting tourism events and providers in the area to a site centred around the tourism providers themselves and the tourism industry in the Brecon Beacons. Due to this evolution it was felt by the stakeholders that the website needed to provide a way for the individual providers and members of the Tourism Partnership to communicate with each other. In addition the administrators of the site also wanted a way to publish news stories and share documentation such as minutes of committee meetings between its members.

The best solution to this was a forum with some fairly complicated access privileges. Forums would allow members to post topics of interest to themselves and other members and reply to such topics. This would give members the ability to share information, discuss developments within the Brecon Beacons and the wider world of tourism and give each member a voice within the group. It is hoped that such collaboration will in turn benefit tourism in the Brecon Beacons as a whole and encourage new members to sign up to the group.

Pixelwave Web Design has recently finished building this addition to the website. As well as forums that allow the members to add threads, polls and reply to existing posts, there are certain forums that are only accessible to administrators, some that only admins can start a topic in but other members can post in and some that are accessible to members of the public as well as members of the Brecon Beacons Tourism. Members and administrators are also able to upload documents as attachements that can be shared between members and we have set up a DropBox folder that allows larger files such as PowerPoint presentations to be shared as well.

I have also added nice little touches such as the fact that signature files are automatically generated for the members based on their listings within the site directory. This means that,

  1. Members don’t have to create a separate signature file for the forums
  2. It shows off their directory listing on every post they make
  3. It should encourage members to post in the forums because each post they make gives them and their directory listing more exposure
  4. It should encourage members to keep their directory listing up to date
  5. It adds an extra dimension of integration between the forums and the directory listings.

The forums are quite new at the moment so now it is up to the site administrators to encourage their members to get posting in them. I’m pleased with the level of integration of the forums with the existing site. The look, feel and most importantly functionality fits perfectly and the new forums should be as familiar to the members as the rest of the site has become. Certain aspects were quite a challenge, but its always nice to go back and work on sites that you’ve built and know your way around.

BBT Forums

BBT Forums

New Website for Advice Centre in Machynlleth

Monday, June 11th, 2012

The Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre Machynlleth has a brand new website thanks to Pixelwave Web Design.

Their new brochure style website explains the help and advice they can offer and how to contact them. Based in Machynlleth, Wales the advice centre provides an independent, free, impartial and confidential Advice Service to everyone.

Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre Machynlleth Website Design

Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre Machynlleth Website Design

Bilingual Welsh Website for INTRtri

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Pixelwave Web Design is pleased to announce that INTRtri now have a fully bilingual, Welsh and English website.

After building an English website based on a CMS for them that went live last October, I was asked to make the site fully bilinugual in February. I soon had the outlines of the Welsh version ready for them and then the arduous process of translating all of the content began. I also used this time to train the translator in the use of the Content Management System so that now that the Welsh version of the site is live she should be able to keep it up to date and in line with the English version.

It’s always good to promote the Welsh language and to provide better accessibility for visitors to websites. Adding a Welsh version to any website for businesses or organisations within Wales is always a good thing and provide first language support for many people using the site.

Website Design for Publishers in Wales Goes Live

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that Pixelwave Web Design has just released a brand new website for Brodie Communications, an educational publisher in Wales.

Their new website is a bold, colourful eye-catching design that I’m quite proud of. Better still, the client seems to like it was well. Most of the site is a simple, static, brochure-style website that is easy on the eye, professional yet fun and engaging too. Built in standards compliant HTML5 it works well across all modern browsers and degrades nicely on older versions as well.

In addition to informing the visitor to the website about Brodie Communications and their services, there is also a small online shop where customers can buy their publications. The website also features a latest news section with an easy to use Content Management System that allows staff at Brodie Communications to update their website free of charge whenever they wish.

The website went live last week and the clients spent some time with me earlier this week receiving some training on the use of the Content Management System. They have since added some news items themselves and are excited about their new wesbite and the prospect of keeping it up to date with the latest happenings within their company.

Pixelwave Design wish them well with their business and hope to work with them on maintaining the site and adding new features in the future.

Website Design in Wales

Brodie Communications Website Design

New CMS Website for Geoscience Wales

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Pixelwave Website Design is just about to start work on a brand new website for Geoscience Wales.

Geoscience Wales Limited is a not-for-profit company based in North Wales that supplies a diverse range of services and products in the petroleum, mineral, geotechnical and sustainable energy sectors.

They approached me earlier in the year asking for a new website. After an initial consultation with one of their members, an evaluation of their previous website and some emails, I produced a proposal document outlining what I thought was the best approach for their new web presence.

The proposal was well received with responses such as:

“This should get a very positive response. No obvious stones unturned!”


“Thanks for the proposal document. I agree with Patrick and Eddie that it looks like just what we want, thanks”

I’m therefore about to start work on their new site. It will be a Content Management System based website so that secretarial staff at their offices in North Wales will be able to keep the site up to date. They’ll be able to add and edit pages within the site, organise the pages and update the latest news section. All of this will be achieved through an easy to use admin panel allowing them to keep the site updated as often as is necessary.

As well as designing and building the website, Pixelwave Web Design will provide training in the use of the CMS along with some best practise tips on writing for the web, editing and maintaining web content, I will of course also provide them with ongoing support should they need it.



New CMS Website for Nick Sanders

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Nick Sanders

Here at Pixelwave Web Design I’ve recently started work on updating and managing an old fashioned website built by someone else for Nick Sanders. Although the site looked very nice, the coding behind it was very old fashioned and had been created by a WYSIWYG editor so was horrible to edit and major changes to the site were becoming quite time consuming.

After discussion with Nick it was decided to update his site and rebuild it using modern, standards compliant coding and a nice new Content Management System so that he can add news stories and other updates to the site himself. In the long run this should save him considerably as updates to the site will be quick, easy and for the most part free.

On top of this the site will load quicker, be more compatible and much better optimised for search engines.

I’ve just started work on the new site which will where possible retain the aesthetics of the old site but will be completely re-developed from the ground up. Look out for it to be released soon.