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Web Design Essentials

Pixelwave Web Design prides itself on its friendly helpful nature.
I understand that many of the terms used by website design professionals are alien and difficult to understand. These 'Essential' articles explain some of the basic terminology you may hear within the world of website design.

This section of the Pixelwave Design website contains various small articles describing the essentials of web design. It is aimed at those with little or no knowledge of how websites work and is intended to explain many of the terms used and give you an idea of the fundamental elements of a successful website. Check back regularly as I shall be adding more articles all the time. If you have any questions you would like to see addressed here, please contact me.

Behind the Scenes of a Website

Publishing a Website

Search Engine Optimisation and Website Promotion


Coming Soon

  • Browsers
  • Operating Systems and platforms
  • PHP
  • MySQL