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Pixelwave Web Design is a one-person website design studio based near Aberystwyth in Wales, UK. My aim is to provide cost effective website design production and maintenance by offering professional web solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Borth Family Centre Website Goes Live

Pixelwave Web Design has just released a brand new website for the Borth Family Centre.

Built around an easy to use Content Management System the site will be updated by centre staff to keep the local community up to date with all of the news and activities at the centre.

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis there was quite a shift in emphasis during the building of the site. The crisis hit halfway through the project so the aims and activities of the centre changed somewhat. The Borth Family Centre had to close and the staff turned their attention and resources to co-ordinating the communities response to the Covid-19 crisis and providing support to those in need. This meant a re-writing of much of the content, a slight re-organisation of the site structure and an urgency to get the site live so as to convey the latest Covid-19 help and advice to members of the community.

I of course relished the challenge, advised on the restructuring, copy-wrote much of the content and had the site up and running in no time. There will of course be lots of changes to make once things are back to normal and activities resume at the Borth Family Centre, but the fact that the site is based on a CMS should make this an easy process.

All involved are pleased with the site, and I think it looks nice as well as being functional.

As always, it’s good to work with local organisations as it allows face to face meetings, but in this instance these meetings had to stop halfway through the project. I usually provide a face to face tutorial session to those members of staff who will be using the CMS as well. This covers the basic steps required to add to and edit the site and also explains some of the nuances of things such as SEO, accessibility and image optimisation so as to assist them in making their site as efficient as possible. Again, I’m unlikely to be able to provide this for a while due to the lockdown situation and social distancing measures in place so I may have to organise a remote video link to do so.