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This section of the Pixelwave Web Design website allows you to keep up to date with the latest news. New website design articles, project updates and other website desgn information. It is updated regularly so check back often.

Borth Family Centre Website Goes Live

April 15th, 2020

Pixelwave Web Design has just released a brand new website for the Borth Family Centre.

Built around an easy to use Content Management System the site will be updated by centre staff to keep the local community up to date with all of the news and activities at the centre.

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis there was quite a shift in emphasis during the building of the site. The crisis hit halfway through the project so the aims and activities of the centre changed somewhat. The Borth Family Centre had to close and the staff turned their attention and resources to co-ordinating the communities response to the Covid-19 crisis and providing support to those in need. This meant a re-writing of much of the content, a slight re-organisation of the site structure and an urgency to get the site live so as to convey the latest Covid-19 help and advice to members of the community.

I of course relished the challenge, advised on the restructuring, copy-wrote much of the content and had the site up and running in no time. There will of course be lots of changes to make once things are back to normal and activities resume at the Borth Family Centre, but the fact that the site is based on a CMS should make this an easy process.

All involved are pleased with the site, and I think it looks nice as well as being functional.

As always, it’s good to work with local organisations as it allows face to face meetings, but in this instance these meetings had to stop halfway through the project. I usually provide a face to face tutorial session to those members of staff who will be using the CMS as well. This covers the basic steps required to add to and edit the site and also explains some of the nuances of things such as SEO, accessibility and image optimisation so as to assist them in making their site as efficient as possible. Again, I’m unlikely to be able to provide this for a while due to the lockdown situation and social distancing measures in place so I may have to organise a remote video link to do so.

CMS for Bedminster Road Garage Website

April 15th, 2020

Pixelwave Web Design has just completed a quick project to turn the Bedminster Road Garage website that I built back in 2009 into an all singing, all dancing Content Management System based website.

This means that the garage staff can now easily add to and update the content of the site. They can change the text, add new pages, add images and keep the site and therefore all of their customers up to date with just a few clicks of a mouse.

I gave them the ‘keys to the kingdom’ yesterday, and having checked this morning I can see that they have already updated most of the pages and things are looking good.

Website Design for Borth Family Centre

March 10th, 2020

Pixelwave Web Design has recently started work on a brand new website for the Borth Family Centre. Based in the seaside village of Borth, West Wales the Borth Family Centre offers activities, groups and community support to all ages.

Their website will be based around an easy to use Content Management System so that they will be able to keep it up to date with all the latest news from the Centre. Timetables will be posted regularly as will updates to all of the activities and groups that are part of the centre. The site itself will contain important information about the centre itself and all of the things it offers. It will act as a central hub for all users to find out more and provide a useful tool for keeping users up to date.

The site will have a friendly, welcoming look and should be easy to use for both visitors and administrators alike. Watch this space for a release of the site sometime soon.

Online Ordering for Gallery Aberdyfi

March 10th, 2020

After many successful years as a ‘bricks and mortar art gallery’, Gallery Aberdyfi entered the online world back in 2016 when Pixelwave Web Design first built a website for them. Since then the website has been quite an asset for the business and always gets positive comments from their customers from both near and far.

Gallery Aberdyfi Portfolio Website
Gallery Aberdyfi Portfolio Website

Glyn and Claire always comment on how pleased they are with the website whenever I’m in contact with them and the Content Management side of it has allowed them to easily keep it up to date with their latest works of art. In fact, the website has been such a success that they have recently asked me to add a system for easy online ordering to the site.

They didn’t necessarily need a full blown shopping cart system and wanted to keep the site looking as it as has, namely as an online gallery rather than an eCommerce site. I wanted to keep things easy to use for them as well so came up with a solution that allows them to add PayPal shopping cart buttons to the site.

Not only can they adjust the prices and availability of individual items whenever they wish, they can easily toggle the whole system on or off as well. This was a feature request as there may be times in the future when they may not be around to fulfil orders and would therefore prefer to ‘shut up shop’ for a time.

All is live with the new system now, it couldn’t be easier to use and they can switch it on and take orders from anywhere in the world whenever they want.

Caravan Site Booking Calendar

July 5th, 2019

I’m currently working on an update to a website I built years ago for Erwbarfe Farm Caravan Park. We’ve been discussing the addition of a booking system for years now and it is finally coming to fruition. With a number of different items that can be booked such as electric pitches, non-electric pitches, Wigwams and Bell tents, there’s quite a bit of configuration to do to get it all up and running. On top of that each item has different prices and availability depending on the time of year and whether it is low season, mid season or high season.

The customisation doesn’t stop there though as some things include 4 people as standard with each booking. Other resources can accommodate up to 8 people with the first two free. On top of that additional children under the age of 4 are free, children between 4 and 17 are £2 per night and additional adults are £3 per night so all of that has to be figured into the booking and payments system. People can add extras such as awnings, gazebos and additional cars too. Again all of this has to be logged and charged for. What was supposed to have been a fairly easy online availability calendar and booking system has proved a little more complicated than first thought.

I think it’s getting there though and is almost ready for some beta testing before going live. I guess it’s nice to have a bit of a challenge now and then. I’m also aware of the fact that they are hoping to have the website completely revamped next year as well so I’ve been building it in such a way that it should be easy to redesign when the time comes.

Exam Tuition Website Redesign Launched

May 9th, 2019

Pixelwave Web Design is pleased to announce the launch a a completely new website for Exam Tuition.

Having built a website for Exam Tuition many years ago Pixelwave Web Design has continued to work for them on updates and maintenance. During this time I’ve developed a good relationship with the Principal Tutor. It was good therefore to be asked to quote for the rebuild of their website so as to bring it into line with the latest features and fashions. The idea was to create a modern, more aesthetically appealing website that used modern techniques. Essentially we were bringing the website up to date, incorporating new strategies into the design and completely overhauling the look and feel. Much of the content was similar but everything was tweaked to fit in with the new design and in places new content added. A new site was built from the grounf up alongside the existing site.

Some aspects of the site were streamlined somewhat whereas others were added to. The new site went live today.

Behind the the scenes the redesigned website is based on a Content Management System that allows staff at Exam Tuition to add to and update it whenever they wish via an easy to use admin panel. The CMS allowed us to add new features to the site that weren’t present before, including a news / article feed. It’s hoped that Exam Tuition will use this feature to keep the site up to date, inform their customers of new developments and to share useful articles and techniques with their students.

The new website structure has also allowed for other new features such as case studies of recent students.

Navigation of the site has been kept simple and the new look and feel has been built in such a way as to highlight the strengths of Exam Tuition and to facilitate the registration process. Everything is of course mobile responsive so that the new design looks as good on mobiles and tablets as it does on a laptop or desktop.

We hope you like it.

Exam Tuition Website Redesign

Tractors & Plant Website Goes Live

March 11th, 2019

Pixelwave Web Design is pleased to announce the release of a brand new Content Management based website for Hughes Tractors and Plant.

Based near Aberystwyth, Mid Wales, Hughes Tractor Sales and Plant Hire has been providing an agricultural contracting business to the local community since the 1980’s.  Since then the family-run business has extended to offer tractor sales, plant hire and work in the construction industry and haulage.

Their new website provides information about the services they offer and the tractors and plant that they have for sale and hire. The projects section provides an insight into work they have undertaken recently. The sales section allows them to keep their site up to date with all of the latest plant, tractor and machinery items they currently have for sale.

It’s an easy to use website for visitors and administrators alike and hopefully a valuable asset to their growing business.

Website Screenshot

Llwyn yr Eos – bilingual CMS site goes live

January 24th, 2019

Pixelwave Web Design is pleased to announce the release of a brand new bilingual CMS site for Ysgol Llwyn yr Eos.

Ysgol Llwyn-yr-Eos is a community based Primary school at the heart of an integrated children’s campus in Penparcau on the outskirts of Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.

Their new website provides a hub of information for prospective and current parents and allows staff at the school to update the site whenever they wish.

Bilingual Rebuild of Advice Mid Wales Website

March 28th, 2018

I’m currently in the process of re-building the Advice Mid Wales website. It’s a site that I’ve managed for many years now and one that has had its fair share of minor updates throughout the years. It also had a major rebranding at one point and now it’s time for a refresh once again. This time the main objective is to make it bilingual with a complete Welsh language version of the website.

As well as adding the bilingual aspect to the site it’s having a little design refresh as well. Their budget is fairly low so it won’t be a complete re-design. I’ll just be adding some more colour, adding some white space, tidying things up a little and adding some mobile responsive features too. The entire textual cipy on the website is being re-written as well just to make sure it is all up to date.

Launch date is April 9th so watch this space. As usual, here’s a sneak preview.

Advice Mid Wales Teaser
 Advice Mid Wales Teaser

Website Design for Ceredigion School

December 15th, 2017

Pixelwave Web Design has recently started work on a brand new website for a local Ceredigion School. The primary school has previous been using an increasing number of different channels to keep in touch with parents. This approach was becoming unwieldy, difficult to manage and ineffective so a website was called for that could bring everything together.

Their new website being built by Pixelwave Web Design will be built around a Content Management System allowing staff at the school to keep the site up to date. It will be fully bilingual with easy to use translation management features built into the CMS. The site itself will be a promotional tool for the school but more importantly an information hub for staff, parents and students alike.

In addition to background information on the school, it’s classes and staff there will be a news section with all the latest updates, a section containing any letters sent home and a comprehensive calendar system that will list all of the events associated with the school. Parents will be able to subscribe to the calendar using their favourite devices / apps as well so that they need never miss an event.

Work is already underway on the site. The majority of the back-end is in place, as is the overall design and structure. Once the content has been delivered and added to the site it should be ready to go. Hopefully sometime int he New Year. For now, here’s a sneak peak!

Ceredigion School Website Design

Ceredigion School Website Design