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Search Engine Optimisation
Relevancy - Promotion - Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation and Website Promotion are essential aspects of designing, building and owning a website. Ideally they should be considered early in a website design project.

Search Engine Optimisation

So, your site has been designed, and produced, your domain name registered, your webspace set up and your website uploaded, but how are people going to know about it? Pixelwave Design can take care of the Search Engine Optimisation and promotion of your site.

Search Engines

For most people, the first port of call when looking for information or services on the World Wide Web is one of the major search engines such as Google, MSN or Yahoo. This means that the most important aspect of site promotion is gaining good placement within the results generated by these search engines.

Search Engine Friendly

Before undertaking pro-active methods of attracting traffic to your site, it is important to ensure that your website is 'search engine friendly'. All sites that I build are 'search engine friendly' and I also undertake work to amend existing sites for clients who find their sites are not achieving the rankings they would expect. Once your site is considered search engine friendly we can build on these features by submitting your site to the major UK and worldwide search engines.

Link Popularity

Getting incoming links from other relevant sites is also an important tool in achieving a good page ranking. This is due to the fact that some of the major search engines base their rankings on 'link popularity', a measure of the number of other sites linking to yours.

Ongoing Site Promotion

The best way to achieve good search engine rankings and a high number of visitors to your site is to develop an ongoing site promotion strategy.

With this in mind I offer clients an ongoing site promotion contract. First I give hints and tips on how you can improve your search engine rankings and help you set up useful signature files etc.
For those who are fairly computer literate and have the time to spend promoting their own sites I will then teach them the best methods of gaining good search engine rankings. For those with less time or poorer IT skills I will carry out the ongoing promotion myself. This process involves analysing your existing site traffic, further optimising your sites pages and creating an efficient linking strategy.

There are many other pro-active strategies for increasing traffic to your site. Please feel free to contact me for advice and suggestions.