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Pixelwave Web Design prides itself on its friendly helpful nature. I'm always willing to help and always get great satisfaction when my clients realise that I have 'gone the extra mile'.

Customer Testimonials

Here are just a few comments made by some clients of Pixelwave web Design

The first is from Gareth Powell after seeing the work I had done in setting up his health and longevity website.

It is 2.47 am in the morning and I had to have a look… It is the Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel, the gardens at Giverney and The Marmitton Museum in Paris. I love it to little pieces. More in detail tomorrow when I am awake and sane. What I would like, later, when you have the time, is to do exactly the same to another two sites. More on that when I awake from an opiated sleep.
Regards to you family,
PS I think you some sort of a genius.

The next is from the owner of the website I have built for the South African and Rhodesian Military Engineers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the patience you have shown to date. You have been more than outstanding in every way. I’m sure there will be more to come as I have great ideas for the site and I hope you will be there to help me along with this fine venture we have undertaken together.

As you can also see there is much interest in the site and this is due in no small way to your effort and input. All the mails I get are complimentary to the excellent product we have today. Never in my wildest expectations did I expect what I have today. The four corners of the world are responding.

The following is from HeadCandi

The gift to you is indeed a reflection of the work that you put in for us and the quality and timescale in which you do it. As I said, I have worked with many web designers, developers and coders in my time but I would have to say that you execute and manage your work the best. Headcandi has come a long way from the original template that we first purchased and I couldn't be happier with the job you've been doing for us so far. So well done.

A few from Operation Teamleader

Thanks so much for helping me with your know-how! It really is brilliant. Ali was impressed that there were 2 options on offer this morning!

Thanks ever so much for managing all this efficiently! Sorry I didn't see this email until just now - Ali had opened it so I didn't clock it! He just showed me the new pages. We think its all great!

It has been great to work with you too, and we will be more than happy to recommend you to others! Nothing needs improving as far as I can see. You go out of your way to be accurate and helpful.

A couple of new ones (Nov 2007) from Neil Scott of Timberlane Books

*Great* work on the website -- it really looks good and I think we're in agreement on all the comments....I'm *very* pleased with the structure, look and layout of the website... I appreciate your hard work and diligent effort.

And finally a quick one from David Riche of Fairies World, who I deal with on a daily basis and have loads of e-mails that I could choose a testimonial from, but this one that I received yesterday jumped out at me and prompted me to write this post…

That is AMAZING! You are a fri**ing genius!

Getting good feedback makes it all the more worthwhile for me, even if I do have to censor some of it!