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Aberystwyth Ramblers

Listed below are a selection of websites built by Pixelwave Web Design. Click on the image to see more details and find a direct link to their website.

Aberystwyth Ramblers

The Aberystwyth Ramblers website is a brand new website designed and built by Pixelwave Web Design for the a local Aberystwyth based Ramblers Association.

Aberystwyth Ramblers Website

The website is intended as both a promotional tool for the Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group and as an information point for members of the group. It will be used to encourage new members to join the group and will assist with the sharing of information for existing members.

As well as describing the Aberystwyth Ramblers Group and its activities, the website will provide visitors with descriptions of the various activities on offer. It will provide group members with information relating to meetings and events and will allow for easy sharing of local walks and access maps. The intention will be to inform and stimulate interest in the Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group and to encourage new membership as well as providing existing members with a useful ‘information hub’. The website contains a latest news section which will be updated by Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group on a regular basis. A contact form and contact details are also be presented.

Due to the fact that the website will be updated regularly it is based around a Content Management System (CMS). This will enable Aberystwyth Ramblers’ Group committee members to update the website as well as Pixelwave Web Design.

Work Done:

CSS and HTML Template Design, Production, PHP Coding, Search Engine Optimisation, Information Architecture, Support, Maintenance. Website Launched August 2013.

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