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AHPPI Content Management Website

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AHPPI Content Management Website

AHPPI Content Management Website Screen Grab

The purpose of the Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI) is to provide a forum for continuing education in clinical pharmacology - the discipline that underpins early development of new medicines - and in the regulatory aspects of early development of new medicines.

Their new website built by Pixelwave Web Design in Wales is intended as a promotional tool for the association and a information point for its' members. The intention of the website is to provide information and stimulate interest in the AHPPI and to encourage new membership.

Pixelwave Web Design was involved on every level of the design of this website, from the initial concept through organising the content to the design and construction. The website has a simple organisation to facilitate ease of use and navigation and has been built around a web-based content management system allowing the clients to update and add to the website on a regular basis.

It was important to develop a clear, understandable information architecture that is intuitive for visitors to the site and site administrators alike. This not only makes the website easy to navigate and allows visitors to easily find the content they require, but it also aids maintenance and helps give a clear understanding of the sites objectives. Pixelwave Web Design advised on such issues with the clients and helped them develop a suitable information architecture for the website.

The overall look and feel of the website is professional, clean and 'business-like'. Design elements were kept to a minimum and the text is easy to read and accessible.

The website and its content management system has been well received by visitors to the sites, AHPPI members and the website administrators.

Work Done:

CSS and XHTML Template Design, Production, Web Hosting, PHP Coding, Search Engine Optimisation, Information Architecture, Copy-writing assistance, Support, Maintenance. Website Launched July 2011.

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