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Christmas Website Templates

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

It may be a while off yet, but now is the time to start thinking about getting your website ready for Christmas. For those of you who want to get really festive then a Chistmas Website Template may be just what you need. We have lots to offer and can customise your existing website for the Xmas period.

Adding some Christmas cheer to your website not only puts people in a festive mood, but it shows that you care about your website and therefore care about your customers.

If going completely ‘Christmassy’ with your website is a little too much for you, then maybe just putting up the odd stocking will do. In which case a Christmas Iconset may be just the ticket.

Halloween Website Templates

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

The nights are drawing in, autumn is on its way and it will soon be time for the ghosts and ghouls to emerge.

If you want to give your website visitors a scare you may be interested in one of our Halloween Website Templates.

Get in there early and get your website or weblog ready for Halloween, your visitors will love it.

Photoshop Website Templates

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Pixelwave Web Design has just added a new category to it website template shop. The brand new Photoshop templates allow you to  purchase only the photoshop PSD files and convert them into any kind of website that you wish.

Get only the graphic design source files without having to download or pay for all the extras such as html files, Flash files etc.

Flash Photo Gallery Website Templates Updated

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

The Flash-based dynamic photo gallery templates have been updated.

As before the galleries offer an easy to use online editor allowing you to manage the contents of the galleries and albums and add images to them and all text on the website are edited from a .TXT file making them easy to use. The new version includes updates and improvements are to the front-end and the back-end administration panel. In particular the front-end updates include XML support, navigation buttons in the gallery (”Previous photo” and “Next Photo” buttons) and the ability to create as many categories as necessary.

In the admin panel you no longer have to use “htaccess” to secure the administration panel as there is now an integrated “login” feature. Also included are image editing tools (Crop, Flip, Rotate and Resize) all within the easy to use online administration panel. And with the new “Fonts loader” component many more characters and fonts encodings will be supported.

CSS Website Templates

Friday, February 15th, 2008

I’ve just added a new ‘CSS Website Templates‘ category to the website templates on offer through this site.

As always there is a large selection of templates available, all at great prices. Now you have the perfect staring point for a modern, CSS driven website.

Bargain Website Templates

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

I have just added a new category of website templates to the site, allowing you to grab a bargain just before Xmas.

The bargain website templates are available now for purchase at great prices. Grab them while you can.

Merry Xmas!!

Dating Website Scripts and Templates

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Dating Website ScriptOne of the most common enquiries I get is to build dating websites for people. Dating websites are big business and with many niche interest dating sites being created many people have big ideas to set up a dating website for their particular niche interests. Pixelwave Web Design already offer several dating website templates through our website template section. These templates are really just the ‘skins’ for a dating website, they don’t contain all of the back-end functionality such as the database to store members profiles and all of the scripts allowing them to interact with the site. In effect the templates are just the aesthetic front-end for a dating site.

The real work behind the scenes is carried out by software designed to provide the functionality required from a dating website. Building such a site would be prohibitively expensive for many people, so I have now added the ability to purchase an off the shelf dating website called PG Dating. There are many advantages other than cost for using a tried and tested package such as this and it saves you having to ‘re-invent the wheel’. The really nice thing about this particular package is that the developer will integrate it with any of the dating website templates, to provide a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing site.

Web 2.0 Design Templates

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Web 2.0 isn’t really a phrase I like. it means so many different things to so many different people that it really doesn’t mean anything specific. However, it is a buzzword and it seems inescapable, it is becoming widely adopted so it is time I embraced it.

To the lay person Web 2.0 seems to be synonymous with a particular design style. This Web 2.0 design style is characterised by fresh, clean looking websites with large, easy to read typefaces, lots of whitespace and usually some subtle gradient backgrounds and/or reflected graphics. I really like this design approach and it can be used on any website to give it that Web 2.0 feeling, even if the content and functionality of the site doesn’t really make it a Web 2.0 site.

Pixelwave Web Design now has a growing number of Web 2.0 style design templates on offer through its Website Template shop. These templates can be used to give your new website that Web 2.0 feeling, or would be ideal to revamp an existing jaded website. A couple of examples are shown below.


Of course Web 2.0 isn’t just about the look and feel of the site. A true Web 2.0 website is standards compliant, conforms to accessibility guidelines, is a pleasure to use. They also offer certain levels of functionality not found in earlier websites. Often Web 2.0 websites are driven by user generated content, often they allow the end user to customise the content to their own particular preferences and often they include applications that allow sharing of information rather than simply presenting information to the user.

However, even if your website isn’t a true Web 2.0 site, the clean fresh, easy to use design style is valid in its own right and often such a design style will aid readability and usability of your website as well as giving it that modern Web 2.0 look.