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This section of the Pixelwave Web Design website allows you to keep up to date with the latest news. New website design articles, project updates and other website desgn information. It is updated regularly so check back often.

Ceredigion Association of National Trust Members Website Launched

October 17th, 2017

Pixelwave Web Design is pleased to announce the launch of the new Ceredigion Association of National Trust Members website.



New Website Design for CANTM

September 14th, 2017

Pixelwave Web Design is currently working on a brand new website design for the local National Trust Members Association

The Ceredigion Association of National Trust Members (CANTM) approached me after one of their committee members had experience of work I had done for the local Ramblers Association. They had been pleased with my work and my approach-ability and therefore asked me for advice on building a website for CANTM. Before I knew it that advice became a commission to build a website for them and I have since been working on the project.

The website will be a simple brochure style website with

  • Information about CANTM
  • What the members do
  • What the association does
  • Some Information about local National Trust properties
  • A photo gallery
  • Report on trips, tours and working parties

The site will be easy to use and easy for visitors to navigate and will hopefully be kept up to date with regular updates throughout the year. We’re just waiting for a few final bits of information and content and the final go ahead from the committee and then the site should go live.

Website Re-Branding

September 14th, 2017

Pixelwave Web Design has recently been working on the website re-branding for the Arts Society Isle of Man. Previously known as the Isle of Man Decorative and Fine Arts Society, the society was a member of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS). This parent organisation has recently changed it’s name to The Arts Society and has undergone a re-branding of it’s own. The website I had built for the Isle of man society therefore needed updating to keep it in line with this new branding.

Some content was updated but most of it remained the same. The bulk of the work involved a new look and feel and the utilisation of the style guides provided by the Arts Society. We wanted to keep the Isle of Man society separate from the parent organisation to a certain extent so that it still has it’s own identity but the overall feel and style of the site should now be fairly consistent with that of the parent organisation.

In effect it’s had a new lick of paint and a change of name. No harm in that as it helps to refresh things now and then.

New Website for PM Leung Consultancy

April 18th, 2017

Pixelwave Website Design is pleased to announce the release of a brand new website for P M Leung Consultancy Pharma Ltd.  This is a pharmaceutical consultancy run by P M Leung, who approached me to build a website for him after my services were recommended by an existing client.

I was given free reign on the design and was provided with most of the content straight away which made things run very smoothly indeed. I was able to build a bespoke website around his content and source suitable images to liven it up.

The website itself feature the strengths, services and biography of my client in a professional, modern design. It is of course mobile responsive, easy to use and attractive. The website is also optimised for search engines and easy to update.

My client is delighted with the results and Pixelwave Web Design wish him all the best with his new business venture.

PM-Leung Website Design

PM-Leung Website Design

Aberystwyth Health Research Website Goes Live

March 9th, 2017

The new website for WARU – The Well-being and Health Assessment Research Unit – at Aberystwyth University that I’ve been working on is now live. The launch day for the unit is fast approaching so press releases and marketing materials were being sent out. These had the website address on them so it was a race against time to get something up on the website as soon as possible.

The basics are now in place, the design and layout is looking good. The bilingual aspects of the site are in place and working well and so far it has been well received by everyone involved. There will be more content, more pages and more information being added to it soon. It was of course a bit of a challenge to get the site up and running so quickly but having virtually free-reign over the design helped as there wasn’t too much ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ waiting for decisions to be made and preferences to be expressed. I could just get on with it, making decisions as I went and adhering to the ideas that I had for the website design.

The website is based on a Content Management System so will allow for easy updating of the site by staff at the Well-being and Health Assessment Research Unit. I will also be making updates for them here at Pixelwave Web Design.

The bilingual nature of the site is also easy to manage thanks to translation management software that has been added to the Content Management System. This makes adding and editing content in both languages easy and automates much of the process of organising this content within the website so that there is a consistent experience for the end user whichever language they are viewing the site in.

It’s good to be a part of this exciting project and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow as the Well-being and Health Assessment Research Unit gets underway.

WARU Website Design

WARU Website Design

Website Design for Health Research Unit

March 7th, 2017

Pixelwave Web Design has recently started work on a brand new website for a Health and Well-being Research Unit.

WARU Website Design

WARU Website Design

WARU, the Well-being and Health Assessment Research Unit is being set up as an initiative within IBERS, the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University. Their new website will be aimed at promoting the unit, presenting the research that is taking place within the unit and detailing the projects that are associated with it. The website is also intended as a recruitment tool, encouraging organisations and individuals to get involved with the research projects within WARU.

I’m excited to be a part of this project and have already started work on the website as it will be running to some tight deadlines. The official Launch Day of the Well-being and Health Assessment Research Unit is looming fast so the website needs to be ready to go in it’s basic form by then. The website itself will be based on a Content Management System allowing various members of staff at WARU to edit and update the site whenever needed. This will be achieved through an easy to use but fully featured admin panel.

As WARU is associated with Aberystwyth University there will be various branding regulations to adhere to but I have otherwise been given free reign with regards to the design and layout of the website. The website will also have to be fully bilingual and therefore will need a translation management tool built into the Content Management System.

Work is already underway on the new website design for WARU and the initial site should be released soon so watch this space.

Website Design for Pharmaceutical Consultant

January 25th, 2017

Pixelwave Web Design has recently started work on a brand new Web Design project for an independent Pharmaceutical Consultant.

I was approached by this new client after an associate of his (Peter Dewland) directed him to me. I built a website for Peter many years ago and still maintain it for him – not that anything very often changes on it. Peter obviously recommended my services to his colleague and I’m now building a website for him too. The content is very similar as they offer similar services. This however is a brand new design with a much more modern appearance. It also follows all of the latest trends and recommendations in the world of web design and interface design.

It will feature the strengths, services and biography of my client in a professional, easy to sue manner. The site itself will of course be mobile responsive, easy to use and attractive.

I’ve already started work on it so can’t wait to release it to the world. her’s a sneak peak that reveals very little!

Gallery Aberdyfi – Portfolio Website

August 15th, 2016

Pixelwave Web Design has recently completed a bespoke website for Gallery Aberdyfi. The website is built around several portfolio’s allowing the family run business to easily and constantly update the prints, original artwork, canvases and photographs on offer through the gallery.

The design has been optimised to showcase the artwork keeping things easy for the user to navigate and simplifying the maintenance tasks. I hope you like it.

Gallery Aberdyfi Portfolio Website

Gallery Aberdyfi Portfolio Website

Website Design for Gallery Aberdyfi

July 11th, 2016

Pixelwave Web Design is currently in the process of building a new website for The Gallery Aberdyfi. This is a family  art gallery in Aberdovey run by local artists Glyn Davies and Claire Davies. They sell a range of originals and prints, along with a good selection of handmade artwork and giftware from local artists.

The site will contain information on the artists, the gallery and the range of giftware they stock. It will also have several galleries showcasing both the original artwork and the prints available for purchase from the gallery.

Gallery Aberdyfi Website Design

Gallery Aberdyfi Website Design

New Website for Mikes Aerials

March 30th, 2016

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just launched a new website for Mikes Aerials – An Aerial, Sky TV and CCTV installer in the Aberystwyth area. If you live in the area then I’m sure you’ve seen his van around as he seems to be very busy.

His new website is now live, giving visitors an idea of what he can offer, but as an independent Sky TV installer and of course an expert when it comes to aerials, CCTV and all things TV related I’m sure he can help you out. His new web site is clean, fresh and easy to use, and should keep you up to date with his latest news.

New Website Design for Mikes Aerials

New Website Design for Mikes Aerials